The Owl Barn at Hawes Farm.
A secluded holiday cottage for
two in the Lake District.

" The Owl Barn is a beautiful secluded place to stay.... The interesting books and videos are a great bonus."

Visitors have all sorts of opinions about the Owl Barn.

So far (20 years) everyone has reported that they
like it and many guests return again and again. A
few miss television or a mobile signal, but internet
access compensates for many. Have a read through.

" The cottage is really lovely, I wouldn't change a thing. "

“ Great having a real fire. I got my Brownie badge all over again. “

“ A rather soggy but still excellent time. “

“ .. The Gather community cafe in Ennerdale Bridge, great baking and coffee.. . “

“ The owl made a stately appearance, on top of the telegraph pole. “

“ 32 degrees on the summit! “

“ . enjoyed the apples.. PS your honey is delicious. “

“ Two weeks of heaven. Spectacular scenery, awesome in one valley, pretty in the next.. ..Ennerdale itself is magic, seems to change in every light. “

“ The silence is beautiful. “

“ The icing on our cake was to see the last two British butterflies to complete our lifetime ambition. “

“ We got to see the Osprey... “

“ We fed the bantams, fed the pigs, walked around Ennerdale, drank some of the best beer we've tasted, watched Great-Spotted Woodpeckers on the birdfeeder, walked around Loweswater, walked around Eskdale. Going home for a rest “

“ .. the air chilly and clear, as it should be at this time of year.. “

“ Never have we seen sheep so relaxed. We were impressed with the meadow and the woodland. “

“ A surprising extended stay at Owl Barn, due to the snow and not being able to get home - how delightful. “

“ We were amazed how the pond and woodland have developed. “

“ If you're into craft beer - definitely stop off at the Ennerdale Brewery. “

“ Walked straight from the door both days so no need to move the car. “

“ .. crowning touch was the tawny owl, flitting back and forward across the fields, eventually landing on the gate (Owl Barn) gate. “

“ PS The gooseberry jam is lovely on cheese sandwiches!. “

“ Taking the goosberry jam home, to try on cheese sandwiches.. ! “

“ I have developed an Owl Barn cocktail. The sloe gin with white wine - delicious but potent! “

“ Especially beautiful at the moment is Rannerdale.. ..full of bluebells, a piece of heaven. “

“ No TV so we used iplayer on the laptop. “

“ French people would a lot to learn from you. We will come back .. .. the most beautiful quiet place of England(sic). “

“ phone, no work, no hassle! “

“ .. the beautiful pond, the early birdsong.. “

“ We've had lots of holiday in The Lakes, but never investigated the west. It's fantastic. “

“ Thanks so much, we had a great honeymoon. “

“ Who has the chance to enjoy an art gallery from bed, and a very comfortable one at that! “

“ Our first time at Owl Barn, but certainly not our last. A wonderfully quiet and secluded retreat, far from the madding Crowd. “

“ .. the bantams put in their regular appearance at breakfast. Discovered they are partial to Rice Krispies.. “

“ Feel completely knackered but refreshed, who needs sunshine anyway. “

“ Too many lovely places to mention – the information in the cottage and from Jon was useful “

“ … but quite honestly, you don’t need to venture far from the doorstep.. .. lovely garden.. ..spectacular Ennerdale Lake. “

“ The weather was ahem, “changeable”, but we managed a good walk every day. “

“ Everything was perfect, not least the weather, every day was warm and dry, what luck! “

“ Highlights.. .. a wonderful view ofa peregrine from Hen Comb, and feeding the piglets here at Hawes Farm. “

“ Ennerdale Water is such a stunning location with its changing weather – was a bit too hot and sunny during our walk.. coming back it was covered in a very dramatic mist. “

“ Typical. Just when you’ve got used to using the kitchen taps correctly (they are opposite to ours), its time to leave! “

“ Our fifth year. It just gets better. “

“ .. we had the opportunity to discover the Lakes in winter and they look just as beautiful at this time of year. “

“ .. but we did see a weasel on the tree stump across from the door. “

“ Our special moment was when a Tawny Owl flew into the porch area... “

“ One of the highlights for Derek was helping Sarah with her bees, and getting the “Official” tour of the garden. “

“ We wanted to see the very rare mountain ringlet butterfly… My husband is still on a high as he managed to see it and photograph it. “

“ Walked from Ennerdale Lake up to Haycock, then onto Steeple and down to Wind Gap (got engaged on the way, she said ‘yes’.. “

“ Bluebells at Rannerdale, do go and see them, they are stunning. “

“ Our 13th stay at Owl Barn “

“ We have enjoyed relaxing in front of the log burner and eating raspberries and blackberries from the garden. “

“ Great having a real fire. I got my Brownie badge all over again. “

“ ..and this lovely cottage is just as we remembered it, so peaceful and cozy to come back to each day. “

“ A surprising extended stay at Owl Barn due to the snow and not being able to travel home – how delightful.. “

“ Lake District bank holiday and Sun!!. Beautiful weather for most of our two weeks – quite amazing. “

“ No TV, no phones! Bliss! Anything you need is here and if you want peace and quiet, here it is. “

“ .. beautiful pond, early birdsong, delicious jam, all very appreciated. “

“ The pond is a lovely spot, tranquil. “

“ PS thank you for the toothpaste! “

“ ..enjoyed the apples.. “

“ We were lucky enough to be here as the apricots ripened. Thank you. “

" Beware the baby chicks paying unexpected visits. They're not keen on bacon rashers thank goodness. "

" We managed to get a signal on "Cellnet" by standing on the near far left tile facing the front door. We don't know that our children appreciated the dedication required to achieve this. "

" We had a great time we had some problems but we still had a good time it was loveley here thank you love Joshua " (sic: aged 7)

" The weather has been incredible, gales, driving rain, floods, and we have loved it all! "

" Arrived stressed, left in peace! Thanks for the welcome. We love the quiet, the mist on the hills, the sunshine. "

" No TV, no news, no problems. Wood stove ace. "

" Listen for the Owl at night. Seen red squirrels, stoat, geese, midges!…goldfinch, chaffinch, longtailed- coal- great- and blue tits, robin (very bossy), Dunnock, Great spotted woodpecker, ….buzzards, lapwings, fieldfares, black cap, wren, willow warbler… all without going out of the door. "

" woodpecker, loads of red squirrels… "

" Seen the hare three times.. "

" Four days of boiling hot weather then three days of rain! "

" Our third visit, it's never long enough. "

" Broadband is a very useful addition…. // …. Skype is much easier than trying to find a mobile signal. "

" Coming from the U.S. I am not used to the gentle dramatic beauty of this countryside. "

" Walk up the fields at dusk, with a glass in your hand, and watch the moon rise over Ennerdale. "

" Good walks right from the door (and helpful advice from Jon and Sarah). "

" We can recommend The Shepherds Arms for the best chips EVER! "

" Fish and chips shop at Frizington v good but watch the mushy peas. "

" Sunday Roast at the Fox and Hounds in Ennerdale Bridge was excellent "

" How amazing the internet is - to find such a wonderful place to stay, all the way from Australia. "

" Our 4th visit ends. Still discovering new things about the area. "

" So many recommendations in the visitors book, we shall have to come back. "

" The cottage is gorgeous! I particularly like the wood burner, rocking chair and the chickens that come to see you in the morning. "

" The trouble is you lose track of time in the peace and quiet… you just sit down and listen to the silence, to the birds, to the wife packing (oops.. shouldn't have written that bit). "

" What a way to spend Christmas. Perfectly magical days. "

" Thousands of STARS in the night sky, don't see those at home. "

" We arrived as a couple and now we're getting married! Ennerdale was a beautiful spot and of course I said "Yes!" "

" Its great to come back to a warm log fire after a days hiking. Even better after a day getting blown over in Whitehaven. "

" The weather has been perfect, crisp bright icy days. "

" Take binoculars, a bird-watchers paradise. "

" A very relaxing and tranquil place. Even our six-month old had lie-ins! "

" .. better equipped than our own kitchen.. "

" Owl Barn felt like home and it's really hard to leave the peace and quiet behind.. "

" Peaceful.. (and I'm a man who can hear a spider stamp). "

" Our little daughter discovered the joy of puddles… my wife and I the joy of very green silence. "

" Wow - what a gorgeous cottage "

" Best of all was wine by the log fire.. "

" ..warm, comfortable and friendly. The weather was not quite as kind with gales rain and a little sunshine. "

" When we'd seen photographs of the Owl Barn we planned our holiday around a free slot… When we arrived it turned out to be a much higher standard than we expected. "

" What an idyllic hideaway. "

" Owl Barn is such a lovely place to stay, comfort at its best. "

" If anything the sun has been too hot "

" Es un lloc molt bonie y tranquil. "

" ..we both lead very hectic stressful lives so this week has been an absolute delight. "

" The bantams really like Warburtons bread. "

" The views were fantastic and we saw red squirrels. Thank you for a lovely place to stay. "

" Owl barn is simply delightful… Wast Water spectacular… Fox and Hounds, good food… and what a nice clean bathroom! "

" A wonderful week at the Owl Barn… The temperature was minus five most mornings… We shall miss "Big Fat Robin". "

" Ennerdale Lake in the rain took longer than we imagined… visited our favourite gallery at Thornthwaite… Kirkstile Inn - brilliant. Plus lovely cosy evenings by the fire. "

" We are so glad that we chose the Barn for Harry's (aged 4 months) first holiday because it is comfortable, cosy and warm and set in beautiful peaceful surroundings. "

" Our eighth stay and our sleepiest… Christmas day was a gift, swathes of blue sky… great tits, blue tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits and the handsome hare. "

" The only stressful thing was deciding where to go.. Loweswater: great walk… Cockermouth: friendly… Wastwater: enchanting… Buttemere: great waterfall, beautiful lake. PS blue tits are nesting in the box on the tree. "

" Thank you for such a lovely place to stay. The cottage is really cosy, with so many nice touches and wonderful views. "

" I have climbed the hill to the bench with a glass of wine and this visitor's book. The sun is shining, the sheep are baa'ing, the birds are singing. This is one of the loveliest spots on earth! "

" .. and the best start to any morning was to sit with a cuppa watching the birds breakfast… The silence around here is deafening. "

" Came here to chill out. We're now like two icebergs!! Best cottage we've had. 11 out of 10. Enough said. "

" .. the most comfortable self-catering cottage I have stayed in. "

" Writing now with the sun setting over the hills and a roaring fire. PARADISE! "

" These days have been the antithesis of London life: people are friendly and polite, they say hello. "

" Frosty outside but lovely and cosy inside thanks to the logfire. "

" Such a wonderful cottage (even better than the photos we saw on t'internet. "

" Second visit to the cottage, arrived in rain, but had a thoroughly relaxing afternoon in the cottage with the log fire ablaze. It felt like coming home. "

" .. done more walking in the last three days than in the last three years …. it's been worth it …. especially Surprise View, where we got engaged! "

" Just brilliant - weather, hospitality, accommodation - everything. "

" The cottage garden, orchard and vegetable plot are an inspiration… "

" The cottage is so peaceful. We had only been here 10 minutes when we had a visit from a red squirrel … "

" Found out the smoke detector works … Still, that's what happens when himself cooks a fry-up for breakfast. "